Ever since history began, man has set sail in fragile ships to discover the incalculable oceans.

And ever since Columbus, there has been no more fear that the risky journey could come to an abrupt end by falling off the end of the earth. Mankind made the positive experience – primarily through shipping – that the earth is round.

For thousands of years, ships were the fastest means of transporting goods and passengers round the globe, and loyal companions for discoverers and adventurers.

They were used for all kinds of research, every corner of the coast was surveyed. New worlds were discovered, battles fought, continents conquered. In the long ages before mobile phones and e-mails, ships were the key means of communication, bringing messages from one continent to the next.

In this high-tech day and age, shipping is now faced by an additional major challenge: modern tourism. Today ships are frequently floating palaces, rightly called luxury liners, used for recreation, recuperation and for the love of travelling.

aquatherm pipe systems are used on the largest and loveliest passenger ships all over the world, where their reliability, corrosion resistance, minimum weight and enviroment compatibility are key elements contributing to safety and maximum comfort in the sanitary amenities, air-conditioning and heating systems on board.