Edificios singulares

Many residential buildings are also used for business and vice versa.

Particularly in the combination residential/business building, with its higher wear factor and daily comings and goings of many people depending on the sanitary, air-conditioning and heating systems to work perfectly and reliably round the clock, aquatherm is finding increasing use all over the world.

Projects such as the Galileo Tower in Frankfurt and the DomAquarée in Berlin have been completed with aquatherm pipe systems without any problems and to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. Miles and miles of pipes were installed and new technologies developed for specific requirements in next-to-no time.

No problem was so difficult that it could not be solved using aquatherm pipe systems. Whether for residential buildings in the mountains of Georgia or skyscrapers in Dubai, aquatherm always finds exactly the right innovative and reliable solution in next-to-no time for every requirement.