Good water is the key to all bodily functions and is rightly considered to be the No. 1 food.

The quality of daily drinking water is crucial for human health. A high quality of water is all the more important for everyday business in hospitals, where it is frequently important to help the sick and infirm frequently suffering from a weak immune system to recover and find healing among others with good drinking water.

In many cases, even in new hospital buildings, problems have been encountered after only a short period of time: the water coming out of the new pipes is not conducive to good health.

The causes are usually to be found in corroded pipes combined with aggressive water quality.

In order to avoid these problems, an increasing number of hospitals all over the world have started to install pipe systems which remain resistant to corrosion even when subject to aggressive water, so that they do not pose any health hazard:

aquatherm green pipe made of the material Fusiolen® PP-R.

For the sake of health!