aquatherm has enjoyed special success in applications for hotels in the superior and luxury category where aquatherm pipe systems have been installed all over the world.

Particularly where stringent drinking water standards have to be met, where reliable heating systems have to create a pleasant room climate and where durability is a must, more and more top hotels opt for the proven aquatherm pipe systems.

For example, the corrosionresistant polypropylene pipe aquatherm blue pipe is the ideal pipe for well functioning, corrosionproof air-conditioning systems, while the fire-fighting aquatherm red pipe is increasingly being used in sprinkler systems in hotels.

It goes without saying that the aquatherm green pipe system also deserves a mention, with its tasteneutral properties fully satisfying the requirements made of drinking water supply systems for discerning hotel guests, suitably rounding off the standard of comfort in every good hotel.

aquatherm – successful in hotels in more than 75 countries of the world…