Risers and distribution pipes

All risers and distribution pipes are planned and assigned as usual with aquatherm green pipe und aquatherm blue pipe.

1. Distribution piping with composite pipes

More dimensionally stable pipes are recommended for conventionally installed basement pipes, risers and multi storey pipe- systems.

Multi- storey installation can be done with the distribution blocks for plumbing and heating: quick processing is guaranteed.

Due to the low demand in fittings, the number of connections is reduced and thus time for installation.

High degree of pre-fabrication:

the special construction allows floor or wall installation (e. g. behind skirting boards) as one compact fitting with all branches provided.

2. Floor distribution with distribution blocks

The distribution blocks also offer further installation options: A simple opening of a side branch by drilling (18 mm borer) enables the connection of an additional pipe. e.g. the circulationpipe.


The aquatherm grey pipe domestic water and radiator connection system is compatible with the aquatherm green pipe system.