Underfloor heating systems

More than three decades experience in the production and application of underfloor heating systems as well as the continuous development to achieve energy saving and efficient technology, make aquatherm one of the most experienced and globally successful manufacturers of underfloor heating.

This experience and the achieved reliability have resulted in many continuous long lasting cooperations with underfloor heating installers (e. g. DAVINCI-HAUS).
In the year 2004 aquatherm supplied the 1000st DAVINCIHAUS with innovative domestic and underfloor heating technology.

The performance of an underfloor heating system is mainly determined by the quality of the installed heating pipe. The aquatherm orange system underfloor heating pipe made of PE-RT is characterised by the following:

excellent creep strength even at higher temperaturessmooth inner pipe surfacelow friction losshigh heat stabilizedcorrosion resistantoutstanding resistance to chemicalhigh flexibilityhigh impact rateless sound of flowoxygen-tight due to EVOH-coating acc to DIN 4726

  • excellent creep strength even at higher temperatures
  • smooth inner pipe surface
  • low friction loss
  • high heat stabilized
  • corrosion resistant
  • outstanding resistance to chemical
  • high flexibility
  • high impact rate
  • less sound of flow
  • oxygen-tight due to EVOH-coating acc to DIN 4726