Slide Black System


aquatherm pipe grids are exclusively made from fusiolen® PP-R. Its extreme­ temperature stability is a major property of the product. The physical ­properties specially match the requirements of the heating and cooling sector.

The exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion, in an homogeneous unit, offer a maximum in security and durability. fusiolen® PP-R also offers high temperature and compressive strength.

A permanent operating temperature of 70 °C is no problem. Normally the aquatherm black system operates at substan­tially lower temperatures than conventional heating systems.

Hence, the actual material stressing is much lower. Furthermore fusiolen® offers an excellent resistance against various aggressive chemicals.

In conjunction with the aquatherm blue pipe system (also made from fusiolen®­ PP-R for climate, heating and industrial technol­ogy), aquatherm offers a complete solution from the heating and cooling source.