Slide Black System

Heating and cooling with aquatherm black system

An individual´s physical well being directly depends on the basic environmental conditions of the surroundings. Working efficiency varies according to temperature with every cooling degree.

Incorrect controlled room temperature, noise interference or draught are responsible for inefficient room conditions and therefore unsatisfactory performances. In offices, commercial premises, meeting rooms, etc., aquatherm pipe grids have become increasingly more popular for heating and cool­ing of ceilings and walls.

The ingenious aquatherm black system delivers pleasant room conditions with­out noise and forced air movement. With this technology cooling or heating is simply controllable.

Automatic designed change-over of heated or chilled water completes this system; allowing for individual room control within a building management system.

aquatherm black system – due to its slim construction it fits tight below the plaster layer or behind the plaster board. Construction thickness including manifolds, mounting rail and connections amounts to only 24.5 mm. The pipe grids have rectangular manifolds, which can be interlinked mutually.

This allows an easy connection e.g. according to the reverse return principle­ (Tichelmann). The water volume for the required thermal output is distributed via square pipes (12 mm/25 m pipe per m2) within the grids.

The velocity of flow and the pressure drop are minimized.

The aquatherm black system can be installed on metal panels of
suspended ceilings and on plaster boards. Even the embedding in plaster layer or the installation in C-studs with plaster boards is not a problem.

The low weight of only 2.5 kg/m2 (incl. water filling) does not affect the design of the ceiling element construction. The ceiling elements should include minimum 30 mm fibre glass insulation. Depending on their design, the pipe grids are connected by means of thermal welding or by pushfit couplings, respectively connected to the cooling- and heating water circuits.


  • No draughts
  • Noiseless
  • Dust reduction
  • Simple control technique
  • Thermal properties of the building are enhanced
  • System extendable
  • Quick installation thanks to high degree of prefabrication
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Safe connection techniques by thermal fusion/Pushfit
  • connection for ceiling elements
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Minimal construction thickness
  • Greater architectural design freedom
  • Energy saving
  • Suitable as plaster base for ceiling suspension

The effect of the aquatherm black system is to heat or cool the surface of wall or ceiling where it is installed behind by a few degrees below or above­ the ambient temperature. By radia­tion exchange with the surfaces,­ temperatures of the room and furnishings change. The total power is achieved by 2/3 radiation and 1/3 convection. The heat transfer rate is determined by the difference between ambient temperature and average surface temperature – high difference – high heat transfer.

As the size of the aquatherm black system matches exactly the size of the metal panels, any inactive ceiling surfaces can be combined. This is especially interesting as in most cases not all ceiling surfaces must be covered with grids. Active and inactive surfaces can be combined without visible differences. The re-fitting or future installation with the aquatherm black system is feasible.