Potable water applications

Potable water is one of the most controlled commodity goods.

The domestic supply system should influence the water on its way up to the taps as less as possible. The choice of the right potable water pipe system and its material is of decisive importance.

Aquatherm green pipe systems are suitable for all different qualities of potable water.

The environmentally friendly and hygienically enhanced potable water pipe system made from fusiolen® is physiologically and microbio-logically harmless. The technical suitability of the aquatherm green pipe system has been evident worldwide for more than 20 years.

Numerous international certificates like

  • DVGW, SKZ (Germany)
  • AENOR (Spain)
  • ÖVGW (Austria)
  • WRAS (UK)
  • SVGW (Switzerland)
  • KIWA (Netherlands)
  • SAI-Global (Australia)
  • CRECEP (France)
  • SII (Israel)
  • SIRIM (Malaysia)
  • TIN (Poland)
  • LNEC (Portugal)
  • SITAC (Sweden)
  • NSF, ICC (USA)
  • a.m.m.

Potable water pipe networks

  • for cold and warm water installations i.e. in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office and school buildings, shipbuilding, sports facilities etc.
  • house connectionboiler
  • connectionwater
  • distributionriser
  • high rise (conventional or specially connected)
  • water point connection