System for room climatisation made of polypropylene

After 10 years as system for room climatisation on the market, it has received­ many awards and found international acceptance as the next phase of room comfort. From ceiling cooling in open plan offices to wall heating in family homes, and special applications such as mobile heating and cooling elements, the possibilities are nearly unlimited.


  • For wet and dry construction
  • No draughts
  • Noiseless
  • Dust reduction
  • Simple control technique
  • Thermal properties of the building are enhanced
  • System extendable
  • Quick installation thanks to high degree of prefabrication
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Safe connection techniques by thermal fusion
  • Push-fit connection for ceiling elements
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Minimal construction thickness
  • Greater architectural design freedom
  • Energy saving

Aquatherm black system is exclusively made from fusiolen® PP-R. The exceptional good welding properties and fusion, result in an homogeneous unit, offering a maximum in security and life span. aquatherm black system is connected by fusion welding. The pipe grids can be welded directly in parallel as well as with series connection.

Dry Wall Heating Element

With the new dry wall heating element aquatherm offers a product, which provides a quick and efficient installation. That means reduced construction time and cost savings.

Whether in new buildings or in refurbishing the aquatherm dry wall heating elements release high heat, which means a convenient environment without dust dispersing. Energy savings are possible due to a subjective feeling of warmth though the objective room temperature is lower.

The dry lining system consists of 12,5 mm thick system elements made of gypsum fibre with oxygen tight aquatherm black system grids. Assembly occurs with the smooth surface towards the room. After gluing the joints the elements can be painted, wallpapered, flagged or plastered. For simple assembly at the wall or window parapet various sizes of elements are available.

  • Large heating surfaces controllable by heating circuits
  • Energy saving by low mean heating temperature
  • Quick and safe installation