Edificios residenciales

Residential houses and buildings constitute our most private sphere. Here we live alone or with the family, play hosts to our friends and enjoy the most important celebrations of our lives.

In many cases we live in the same place all our lives. Our home means protection and safety, well-being and security. This is where we can let our personality develop. All the more important then for us to be able to rely completely on what is most important, apart from stable walls and a roof that does not leak: on good, reliable sanitary amenities, air-conditioning systems and heating installations.

Healthy water, coming from the aquatherm green pipe system. Pleasant cool temperatures in summer thanks to state-of the-art air-conditioning technology, and reliable, cosy warmth in the colder days of the year thanks to wellfunctioning, modern heating systems, when the temperatures outside may easily fall to well below freezing.

aquatherm has set itself the target of making its well-known high standard of quality available to its customers worldwide – in 75 countries on earth. Whether in Singapore, China, France, Siberia or New Zealand, wherever people are building houses, aquatherm is on the spot with mature, reliable pipe technology. Always at the ready to improve even further, go new ways and implement new ideas and visions.