Hanse Hotel, Attendorn, Germany

In April 2013 the Hanse Hotel opened for business guests as well as tourists. The modern building adds a new, almost spectacular aspect to Attendorn’s cityscape. The hotel features 99 rooms, a restaurant, two bars and several meeting rooms. The aquatherm systems have been used in all areas. Particularly important for the architectural freedom in the building which is in the shape of an eight, was the incorporation of the aquatherm black system heating and cooling grids. The occupancy/booking rate of the hotel and restaurant of approx. 70% is evidence that hotel founder and building client Gerhard Rosenberg has tapped a real gap in the market in Attendorn with the realisation of his dream. Many smaller, usually family-run hotels and guesthouses didn’t offer visitors sufficient space or were too scattered in the town’s various areas. The new hotel, directly in front of the world famous Atta cave tourist attraction, offers a great alternative.

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